Start-up to Growth

Founded and ran Claritum, a UK based SaaS Procurement business. Developed strategy, financial models, raise funding, built team, delivered B2B sales, generated revenues, retained high lifetime value clients. Delivered predictable growth. 

Predictable Growth Engine

Documented customer journey, implemented marketing automation and CRM, used lead scoring and nurturing, developed content and digital marketing strategy to create a highly predictable sales pipeline and profitable growth.

Automated Procurement

Mapped sourcing, procurement and invoicing processes, implemented procurement technology to streamline processes and integrate into financial processes for companies such as Canon, Office Team, HHG and ASL. 

Results based Marketing

Implemented digital and offline marketing to deliver results including product launches, customer acquisition and channel programs for VW, Peugeot, Castrol, L'Oreal, Somerfield, PHH, HP and Intel.

Entering New Markets

Developed and implemented strategy to enter new geographic markets (eg North America, Europe, AsiaPac) and new sectors (eg Public Sector and selected vertical markets).

New Product Launches

Assessed product portfolio and customer needs to find new product opportunities. Worked with R&D and product teams to develop value propositions and launch new products into market place.



Nick Wall, ASL Global

My experience working with James is that he is an experienced and versatile business leader, with a deep understanding of the role technology can play in transforming business performance – both operationally and commercially. A solutions focussed professional, James is always positive and proactive in his approach. When working with James, he consistently demonstrated a strong ability to understand and interpret our highly complex requirements. His consultative approach ensured he provided us with tailored advice to meet our specific needs, which added significant value to our own internal evaluation processes. James is a strategic thinker and understands how software solutions will become increasingly impactful in a range of marketplaces, industries and sectors. I would recommend James to any business who needs guidance on evaluating and/or improving their operational, procurement and financial processes through the implementation of new technology solution.

Dave Shepherd, Howard Hunt Group

Having been a client of James for a number of years, I have always found James to be an honest and reliable partner supplier. His consultative approach ensures the clients requirements are understood and delivered upon.

Whilst working with James I have found him to be trustworthy, reliable and handles clients with absolute integrity. It has always been a pleasure to work with James; and therefore I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Nathan Tiller, Harler Group

I always enjoy the conversations I have with James - they are realistic and pragmatic, but they make us both think about how we can make the most of new technology in established industries. James has helped a great many people leap forward over the years, but there is a lot more to come and as usual James will be at the front.

Annamarie Angell, Deadline Accounting

I have worked with James for over six years. He is incredibly customer focused, continually striving to ensure the client receives a service that far ouweighs their expectations. I have a lot of respect for the fact James never loses interest in existing clients either. In my line of work, I very often see all the focus on securing new business, with no regard for the existing. Whatever James is doing, whatever he is involved in, he never forgets to put the client's needs first.

Phil Martin, UK Media Solutions

James is a hugely driven individual and has built the business from the ground up. With his expert knowledge in marketing, procurement and technology, coupled with his business sense and creativity, James is always moving and adapting in an ever changing environment and never rests on his laurels.

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